Bill Thibodeau is a teacher, speaker, and the author of three poetry books: "The Fore River," "The Watchman," and "American Icon and Other Poems." In June of 2016, the Quincy Historical Society hosted the book launch of "The Fore River," which gives a mythical, historical, and geographical account of his days growing up as the son of a Quincy Shipyard worker.

On Tuesday, November 29, Thibodeau was the featured speaker at the Thomas Crane Public Library in Quincy, and he read from "The Fore River" and his previous books. His three books are now to be found on the Thomas Crane Public Library shelves.

He is currently working with Boston-area singer-songwriters to produce a collection of songs that incorporate his lyrics with their music. The project is scheduled to be released in the spring.

Thibodeau performs his poetry throughout Greater Boston and has appeared on PBS and The Hallmark Channel, and has been featured in The Boston Globe and other regional publications. "American Icon and Other Poems" has been featured at Grolier's Poetry Book Shop in Harvard Square.

The forward for "The Watchman" is by Sam Cornish, former Boston Poet Laureate:

“With a skillful use of common language and metaphor, Bill Thibodeau writes poems of the everyday, solitude and the workplace in an honest and original voice. His poems require a slow, careful reading, and are well worth it.”

A Boston builder and designer specializing in urban spaces, Bill is a founding member of the Carpenter Poets of Jamaica Plain. He is a former high school instructor and has studied psychology, archaeology, and anthropology at Harvard University. His poetry collection is part of the senior class curriculum at North Quincy High School where he conducts an ongoing series of poetry workshops.